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Use of Social media marketing in businesses

  1. Introduction to social media

36% of all social media users have posted about a brand or product at some point of time. 61% of all social media users are willing to give feedback about brands on social networks. 42% of social media users have had at least one direct conversation with a brand on social networks and 85% of users were never contacted by a company or brand despite posting a negative review about it. As a result, 82% of these people stopped doing business with the brand in question.

  1. Social media works for business in differentdepartments

Marketing – The most obvious and common use of social media in business. Works because almost every brand has a section of target audience online today.

HR – Great for identifying and engaging with talent directly. Also enables companies to showcase employee benefits and culture to outside world.

Creative – Sharing enables art, copy and design teams to get new ideas, learn new things and experiment.

Operations / Strategy – Sites like LinkedIn help in connecting with domain experts who can share valuable strategic insights and

Business Development – B2B companies can use professional networking sites to connect with prospective clients

  1. Top social networks for business in world today

Facebook – Highest advertising revenue of all social media sites; ideal for FMCG, lifestyle, apparel and luxury brands to build presence and advertise on.

Twitter – Favorite rant corner for most consumers; micro blogging feature takes away the pressure to be compelling or grammatically correct

LinekdIn – Must for serious businesses and companies looking to mine data, manage knowledge or be ‘thought leaders’

Blog – Still in flavor for serious or lengthier communication; great for SEO

Pintrest – Ideal for a design, art and pre media agencies.

  1. Social media for business head

Visibility – in the industry, among peers and team members.

Reputation – Use of social media builds a Business Head’s reputation as a progressive, fearless and confident leader

Easy to Approach – For clients and team members, a Business Head active on social media is a sign of an easy approachable and transparent company

Thought leadership – Needless to say, being active on social media will mean a lot of strong content, and that will recognise the Business Head as a thought leader

Good for business – A Business Head  who is seen positively on social media will help the business through his personal brand.

We cannot deny how big of an impact social media has on our lives now, not only on people but businesses too.It has opened a whole new door to the business world and given them a big opportunity to interact and attract a larger amount of customers.It has opened a whole new door to the business world and given them a big opportunity to interact and attract a larger amount of customers.

Social networks are accessed on a daily basis that means there is more of a chance that people are going to see your brand on their social network. people are now getting their hands on tablets, computers, and cell phones. These are electronics that are taking over our lives because we are constantly checking news, emails, social networks, and web browsing also has the power to change perceptions and identify the key people within the business network.The social media tools are free for everyone to use. By simply spending some time working on your social media presence for a few minutes a day, you can see great benefits of increased exposure and sales, and develop good relationships with your customers.You can start using social media by creating a website for your business, and/or by using various social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, etc. beginning today!