Few days back I had attended seminar by Mr Vatsal Shah at GCCI for “Growth Strategy Planning for Digital Organizations” Where I found amidst my organization the loop hole over process control and herein I am enclosing the SWOT analysis of Safarjan Technologies. Please share your comments to improvize the same.

We are the laggards who develop websites leveraging latest technologies that have proved their mettle with our existing clients. The development experience of our professional developers and designers can give you best of the results. More close the brief helps to give better than the best.

Friendly and Professional mix is the motto of our company that can give results that are always outstanding. But after the analysis following is the new scope of Process that we would adhere to all the projects small or big.

Our process for developing website is as simple as follows:

– Research competitors or suggested sites

– Derive a scope

– Discuss with the client

– Designing

– Coding

– Merging the code and the design

– Quality check

– Final Delivery with Quality control certificate

Feel free to share your view if you can find any gaps!!

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