Which are the top 5 hybrid frameworks to make your mobile application?

1. Ionic:

Ionic is considered to be one of the most popular frameworks. Nowadays, it’s been the most preferred framework, being almost the primitive choice for many developers. You can use the CSS portion of the framework to create native looking designs, but to harness the full potential of Ionic, it’s best to pair it with AngularJS.

Besides it also orders a command line interface representing some awesome features, which can be further be integrated.

2. Framework 7:

The most utilizable fact about Framework 7 is that it doesn’t possess any external dependencies like Angular or React. Besides being completely framework skeptic, it manages to maintain the look and feel of native apps. Anyone who understands HTML, CSS and JavaScript can create an app without making the code convoluted. Framework 7 doesn’t include any tools for emulation or app packaging so you will need to combine it with Cordova or PhoneGap. This is simple to use, relies only on HTML, CSS and JavaScript

3. Onsen UI

The Onsen UI is an open source framework that permits developers to build apps by combining native looking components. Its usage is fairly simple as it can work with or without Angular JS. It’s simple to use, can work with or without AngularJS, and has great documentation on that includes lots of examples and layouts for the most common app structures. It’s works effectively with prede3ned components.

4. JQuery mobile:

jQuery being the forefather of all available mobile frameworks, hardly tries to create apps having the likes of those being used in iOS and Androids. The grandpa of all mobile frameworks, jQuery Mobile doesn’t try to make apps that look like Android or iOS. It’s support for wide range of mobile and simple to use.

5. React Native:

The purpose of building proper native apps, instead of creating hybrid ones, that run in a web view.

However, most of the development portion is done via JavaScript and React. This framework does require some coding skills, but compensates for it with an extensive, in-depth documentation.

Advantage is native-like performance and vast community.

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