Building mobile apps with React Native

Developing a mobile application with a cross platform technology is the right move that saves time, money and maintenance on both platforms. Nothing is better than devising the applications leveraging JavaScript but that holds true when you are developing Web Apps not Mobile Apps. Facebook’s React Native has broken this barrier by allowing the use […]

Which platform best fits your Mobile App requirement?

As per the recent scenario where everything revolves around the web. Entrepreneurs have the need to get their businesses online and on Mobiles where the brainwash starts. Yes sounds very surprising but with the use of increasing Mobile users, the content creators are using various techniques to reach out to the consumer’s brain to consume […]

How Cross Platform Mobile Applications Works??

Let’s refresh some very basics that each operating system has its own native programming language. For instance, android apps are written in Java, iOS apps are developed in objective C or swift, while Windows uses C# and XAML. Each coding language is different and has their different characteristics. Thus selecting a specific language to work […]

How to make your FIRST Mobile App

In todays world of competition of ecommerce you cannot left yourself out of without having to reach out the mobile market landscape. Whether it is to sell your merchandise, making Games, or just make fun applications to establish your brand in the internet world. If you have an idea for developing your own project of […]

Hybrid Frameworks

Which are the top 5 hybrid frameworks to make your mobile application? 1. Ionic: Ionic is considered to be one of the most popular frameworks. Nowadays, it’s been the most preferred framework, being almost the primitive choice for many developers. You can use the CSS portion of the framework to create native looking designs, but […]

Live Experiences Shared

Few days back I had attended seminar by Mr Vatsal Shah at GCCI for “Growth Strategy Planning for Digital Organizations” Where I found amidst my organization the loop hole over process control and herein I am enclosing the SWOT analysis of Safarjan Technologies. Please share your comments to improvize the same. We are the laggards […]

Positions are OPEN for Web Developers

Objective/Job Description/Role(WEB DEVELOPERS): Seeking for an interesting as well and challenging candidate that has at least 1-3 years of development experience (10-25K) within frameworks like Magneto, WordPress, and .Net Educational Qualification not a bar for the skilled candidates Need to show examples of the work/experience that they’ve had in past job/endeavors (i.e they even can […]

Phone Gap: A Boon for Businesses

Usage of Smart phones tending to be universal can’t be denied. Along the fact, underneath lies an opportunity for businesses to expand their reach to consumers by leveraging the arena of rich multi-media with mobile applications. This indeed is explored by many business giants with Native applications for separate mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows […]

How to budget for your IT service needs??

I wanted to share my thought process or rather a service providers thought process on this aspect which I almost face on regular basis. While interacting with companies and individuals of the different domains for rendering IT services. Buyers are not sure of the cost involved within the scope of the requirement for their needs. […]