I wanted to share my thought process or rather a service providers thought process on this aspect which I almost face on regular basis. While interacting with companies and individuals of the different domains for rendering IT services. Buyers are not sure of the cost involved within the scope of the requirement for their needs.

People with less or no experience with the domain wants services at optimal quality and at best price available globally which practically is not possible. The serving organization also has priorities of their ongoing work which are required to be delivered hence if the cost paid is low than high expectations on the aspect of faster and quality services are delusional.

For estimating the costs involved you can take understand few logically parameters and gauge the pricing for the services to be rendered by any vendor. Some of the following factors can be leveraged to gain such understanding:

– Technology involved what is the status of developers available in the market- Lesser they are, higher are the prices

– Ask for alternate options for your need- Choose the suited solution by an informed decision

– Vendor assessment- Does your vendors have the right set and mix of capabilities to give justice to your need

– Be reasonable- Understand the feasibility of your proposition or a counter quote

– Choose your priority- Quality or Price, both can’t go hand in hand logically speaking

If someone says that they can offer Quality and Optimal price than please ask them the definitions of the same to avoid a down the line conflict in terms of the expected deliverable and price paid for it.

To avoid such uncomfortable situation for you and vendor have a clear communication and a sync on understanding needs to be established with them so both the parties involved in a transaction are on same page.

Try to give as much information you can give to your vendor for your requirement. Based on that their analysis and presumptions would be more optimal. Again all the defined parameters are very subjective to your need hence choose right technology partner.

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